Thanks for your generosity and support

Last week we raised $1.3 million during the Dave & Carole Miracle Marathon for Children’s Hospital. The generosity I witnessed during this year’s radiothon was inspiring. I want to thank everyone that made a donation during the radiothon, and all the patients and families that participated by sharing their stories of hope, recovery and healing.

Dave Luczak and Carole Caine from 96.5 WKLH did an amazing job broadcasting live from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. If you listened during the radiothon, you know how …Continue reading →

Why kids with ACL injuries need special treatment

It’s already been a tough spring for the Brewers, with two players lost for the season to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. Knee injuries are just as frustrating for young athletes. One of the first things my patients often say to me is, “When can I play again?”

The ACL is the ligament that helps keep the knee stable. It’s one of the four main ligaments in the knee joint that connect it to the shin bone, known as the tibia, and thigh bone …Continue reading →

Volunteers give so much to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin


Kim is all smiles at a Packer pride party with Miranda, one of our volunteers.

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we recognize the time and talents of our volunteers as gifts. Our entire staff appreciates that each volunteer contributes something special to our organization and the well-being of our patients.

In celebration of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, I encourage you to watch the following video and meet just a few of the many great volunteers helping our patients. …Continue reading →

When words fail, art therapy helps patients and their families

The language of art is colorful, messy, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet. The language of art extends beyond thinking into feeling, giving voice to the unspeakable. For families with a hospitalized child, the unspeakable can be overwhelming, painful, heartbreaking, worrisome and unfathomable.

As an art therapist, I have the opportunity to utilize my unique skill set, creativity, and the art process to bridge a seemingly insurmountable gap between hospitalization and home. I meet families in their time of crisis, when …Continue reading this post

Video: Winter Carnival at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin creates cool memories for kids

It’s officially winter and what better way to kick off the season than with a winter carnival! Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s first-ever Winter Carnival gave our patients and their families a cool experience despite being in the hospital during the holidays. Our lobby was magically transformed into a winter wonderland, where families got to experience the spirit of the holidays.

Watch the following video to see how winter-themed …Continue reading this post

Video: The dangers of button batteries in toys

As parents, we know to keep coins away from children as they could – and do – swallow them. There is another item the size of a coin that could be much more dangerous if swallowed: button batteries. Many of us have them in our car remotes and other small remotes used around the house. …Continue reading this post

How the breastfeeding team supported me and helped my baby

Our daughter Ella’s birth was a planned C-section at 34 weeks – 6 weeks early – due to a complicated prenatal diagnosis. The day of Ella’s birth, we held our breaths as Ella took her first. The highs were high and the lows were low, and it often seemed that just when we had a handle on our daughter’s condition, something would change and there was a new concern to address. …Continue reading this post

Like our new Facebook page and join the conversation

We are very excited to announce that Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has a new home on Facebook. Our new Facebook page provides expanded opportunities for you to:

  • Stay connected to news about clinical care, advocacy, research and education from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.
  • Receive updates and information on children’s health and safety issues.
  • Share your stories of hope, recovery and healing.

We invite old friends, new friends …Continue reading this post

Spot your tot before starting your car

Just five seconds could save your child’s life. That’s how long it takes to walk around your car to check for children before starting the engine. In a rush to get to the store before it closes or in a frenzy to get to the airport before your flight leaves, the focus often is about what is in the car. With young children …Continue reading this post

There’s no stopping Sofi

I first met Sofi May 6, 2008, the day after she was admitted to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. She was suffering from progressive weakness, making it difficult for her to breathe. She was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disease that causes the body to attack its own nerves. Sofi’s disease progressed through her body, nearly causing complete paralysis. Soon after our meeting, she …Continue reading this post