How Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin saved my life

Due to the many wondrous talents and skills by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin physicians and nurses, I am alive today, and I will continue to live day after day after day. I have not been to every clinic and specialist (knock on wood, please), but I’ve been to quite a few over the last almost seventeen years of my life. From orthopedics to ENT to pulmonary functions to the Herma Heart Center, I’ve been down many hallways in the hospital.

What is especially promising and a relief to know is that my cardiologist, Dr. Earing, not only takes care of kids, but also has an adult clinic. This guarantees a knowledgeable …Click here to continue reading

A delicate balance for my beautiful daughter

Mo and Kate Jurgens

Mo and Kate Jurgens

My daughter Maureen (Mo) has Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, a connective tissue disease similar to Marfan syndrome. Loeys-Dietz syndrome is complicated. It affects the connective tissue that runs throughout the body—organs, muscles, and blood vessels. You name it. It’s present. When the tissue is weakened and defective, it is bound to wear down, be stretched to its limits and sometimes break. A major issue for Loeys-Dietz patients is they develop aneurysms throughout the body along with having many issues with the joints and other soft tissues.

Mo was born in 1995. Loeys-Dietz syndrome was not discovered until 2005. She has made many trips to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin since she was born, visiting a number of clinics including orthopedics, ENT and neurology. Her first visit to …Click here to continue reading