5 questions to ask if your child needs an imaging exam

Our radiologist are specially trained to treat children

We use radiation equipment adjusted specially for children to ensure the lowest radiation dose to your child during an exam.

You may have noticed increased public awareness of radiation risks and efforts to reduce radiation exposure in medical imaging — especially in children.

As a pediatric radiologist, it is my responsibility to consider the risks and benefits of all imaging tests and keep the radiation dose as low as possible for each patient. I take this responsibility seriously and ask myself each day, “How would I tailor the test if this child was …Click here to continue reading

Why teens should be imaged at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Teen imaging at Children's Hospital of WisconsinI am a radiologist and a mother of three. Over the years I have been asked, “Does a teen belong at a children’s hospital?”  My answer is always yes. Not only because of the training we receive as pediatric radiologists, but also because of the special care, gentle imaging and teen focus that pediatric hospitals offer.

Your teenager may look like a young adult, but his or her illness or injury and medical care requires the highly specialized care of a doctor …Click here to continue reading