Abdominal migraines: Dr. Li to the rescue


Carmen responded immediately to a cost-effective prescription drug used to control cyclical vomiting.

“It’s the stomach flu” I said into the telephone receiver when I called Carmen’s school to inform them of her Thursday absence. “She should be feeling better tomorrow.”

“Great!” I thought to myself …. “how am I going to keep the rest of the family from contracting the bug?” I wiped down the bathroom with disinfectant wipes in hopes of banishing the 24-hour virus from our home. Little did I know this was just the start of our journey with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and a brilliant man named Dr. Li.

Looking back at that first day of illness, I remember Carmen complaining of an upset stomach in the weeks prior to her vomiting. It was nothing to be concerned about at the time … she was able to go to …Continue reading →

The scoop on poop: what to know when your kids can’t go

pottytrainingMost of us think that constipation is a simple problem that can be solved with a little bit of prune juice or a laxative. But, for some kids, pooping can become an everyday problem. Here’s how you can help a child who can’t poop or has pain while he or she is pooping.

What causes constipation?
Many kids experience constipation when their diets change or there is a lack of fiber in their diets resulting from too many candies, cookies, cakes and other low-fiber foods served during the holidays. …Continue reading →