My role as a national voice for children


3-year-old Matthew and 3-year-old Sadie are both primary care patients at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

This week it was announced that I accepted the honor to serve as the 2015 Chair for the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA). The mission of CHA is to advance child health through innovations in quality, cost and care delivery. Representing more than 220 children’s Continue reading →

Requiring restaurants, vending machines to share nutritional information

Restaurants, vending machines are now required to share nutritional informationThis day and age, Americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away from home. We’re always on the go and convenience plays a big part in what we choose to eat. That also means that we often don’t make the best choices when we’re hungry or in a hurry, and the options that are available may not be the healthiest.

Enter the FDA. New regulations have been established requiring restaurants and vending Continue reading →

Best ways to help your kids eat healthy in 2015

Best ways to help your kids eat healthy in 2015A lot of parents this month will be making New Year’s resolutions for themselves, hoping to turn 2015 into the year they start eating healthier, getting in shape and basically doing all those things they always said they wanted to do. Well, there’s no reason kids can’t get in on the action, too.

Even if you can’t always bring your kids with you as you enjoy your new gym membership, there are plenty of ways you can help them start 2015 off right. If you have concerns about Continue reading →

Mason’s NICU story: The importance of choosing the right NICU

Mason's NICU story: The importance of choosing the right NICU

Despite his tiny size and the all the obstacles he faced, Mason was one feisty baby.

When I learned that my son, Mason, was going to need to be delivered two months early, there was a lot of uncertainty. How would the delivery go? Would he be healthy? What was life going to be like for him? But one thing I was absolutely certain of is where I wanted him to Continue reading →

Kids and nosebleeds: What parents need to know

Kids and nosebleeds: What parents need to knowNosebleeds are common, and often harmless, but that doesn’t make them any less alarming.

They typically occur when dry air irritates the capillaries inside the nose, causing them to break or bleed. Crusting then occurs that can itch and cause scratching leading to additional bleeding. Dry climates or heated indoor air are often to blame, but colds can also play a Continue reading →