Teens and pedestrian safety: Why parents should be concerned

Pedestrian Safety – Teens at RiskHere is a startling fact: Teenagers are at greatest risk when it comes to pedestrian-related death, with a death rate twice that of younger children.

How can this be? From the moment our children start to walk, we teach them the rules of how to cross a road. We hold their hands, tell them to look left, right and left again, and cross Continue reading →

Day in the life: My daughter has cancer

Day in the life: My daughter has cancer

Peyton was diagnosed with stage 2B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on April 10, 2015.

My daughter, Peyton, is 11 years old. The week she has chemo is the week she’s usually at her dad’s house. Brian and I share 50-50 custody, and switch off week to week, always on a Friday. So he prepares her that week, reminding her that chemo is coming up so that it Continue reading →

Infographic: Safety guidelines for teenagers in the kitchen

Infographic: Safety guidelines for teenagers in the kitchenA new school year means more teens will be home alone after school, perhaps for the first time. With this increased independence, many new responsibilities come into play — like preparing after-school snacks or perhaps helping to prepare dinner.

As parents, we like to think we know that our kids know what is safe and unsafe to do in the kitchen. But the truth is, we should never assume. My young teens and I recently reviewed Continue reading →

Caring for kids with insect bites and stings

Caring for kids with insect bites and stingsThroughout summer, we see a lot of insect bites and stings in urgent care. Most of the time they are not harmful or infected, and can be easily treated.

Mosquito and other insect bites and stings cause itchy bumps that can sometimes even be painful (especially wasp or bee stings). In children, the area around the sting can get pretty Continue reading →

Infographic: Radiation exposure during your child’s imaging exam

Imaging Program at Children's Hospital of WisconsinAt Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we are 100 percent dedicated to caring for kids and teens. That means we give them treatment meant specifically for them and their developing bodies, because kids and teens are not just smaller versions of adults.

If your child needs an imaging service, you can rest easy knowing that our experienced staff Continue reading →