Thank you Children’s Hospital for making my daughter feel like a star

Lily and Bailey are twin sistersIt was a once in a lifetime experience. A few weeks ago my daughters, Lily and Bailey, had the opportunity to participate in a video shoot for a Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin TV commercial — airing now through the holiday season.

For my entire family, including big sister Maddie, it was a fun and exciting experience. But more importantly, it was an opportunity for them to help other kids by raising awareness …Continue reading →

Delicious fall foods: Tips for making hearty soups and stews

Delicious fall foods: Tips for making hearty soups and stewsOne of my favorite things about fall is the variety of delicious fall foods that are in season. And for some reason, most of those foods are perfect in soups or stews!

Most people hear the word soup and think “that won’t fill me up,” or “and what else will I eat with that?” Truth is, soups or stews can be an entire meal; it can fill you up and be good for …Continue reading →

Learn how our Family Resource Center offers support for patient families

Learn how our Family Resource Center offers support for patient familiesEach year, we welcome more than 20,000 patients and their family members into the Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

They come to us for a variety of reasons. Some need to use our computers; others want to check out a library book, DVD, video game or tablet. We also have many families who turn to the Family Resource Center to read and learn more about their child’s medical condition, …Continue reading →

Infographic: Heart-healthy tips for kids

As a pediatric cardiologist, I can assure you that forming heart-healthy habits will make a difference in your child’s life. Eating less fast food and decreasing time spent in front of a screen (TV or computer) are two very easy habits to start right now.

Check out this infographic on heart health for kids. Can you believe that for every 25 pounds of excess weight, the body needs to pump blood through an extra 5,000 miles of …Continue reading →

Why it doesn’t always take a brain surgeon to explain brain surgery

As a pediatric neurosurgeon, I help children with a wide range of neurological conditions. It can be a challenge explaining diseases and illnesses that affect the brain to families. That’s why when I came across Isabelle’s video on YouTube, I thought, I couldn’t have said …Continue reading →

Baby born with AIDS virus may have genetic trait helping her manage the virus

HIV has always been considered an incurable disease. However, the New England Journal of Medicine recently published convincing evidence that doctors have successfully put HIV into remission for a baby girl from Mississippi born with the AIDs virus. Now, news reports about this baby are suggesting her HIV may be cured.

Watch the video above to hear my thoughts on whether this baby’s case really holds …Continue reading →

Why we invite superheroes to scale our hospital walls

Spider-Man visits Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Robert waved to Spider-Man from his hospital window.

Last week, patients and families in our hospital were surprised when Spider-Man, Batman and Superman dropped by for a visit. And when I say, “dropped by,” I mean exactly that. Three window washers put on costumes and scaled their way down our hospital walls to surprise unsuspecting kids who were in their rooms.

It was truly a sight to see! We had patients on all floors running to their windows to catch a glimpse. Groups of people were …Continue reading →

Beware of disturbing trend: Candy laced with prescription or illicit drugs

Beware of disturbing trend: Candy laced with prescription or illicit drugs

Marijuana can be hidden in food products.

Wisconsin Poison Center wants parents to be aware of a new trend spreading across Wisconsin that’s all trick and no treat.

Suckers and toffee are being melted down purposely and laced with crushed prescription drugs or powdered illicit drugs. In particular, stimulants such as amphetamines have been discovered in these “treats.”

The intent is to mimic an ordinary candy sucker so it’s hard to detect. Lacing candy …Continue reading →