Don’t let seasonal allergies ruin spring for children

Tips to keep the affects of allergies and asthma at bay during pollen seasonGoodbye, winter. Be gone and take your polar vortex with you! Hello, spring. Bring the warm temperatures and sunshine, but take it easy on the pollen count, OK?

The truth is, there isn’t much we can do about plants and trees releasing pollen into the air. While this natural flowering process gives rise to all the beautiful vegetation that makes …Continue reading →

Family Support Program makes NICU at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin second to none

Finn's NICU storyHere at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, it isn’t just the medical expertise that has made us the  #1 ranked hospital in the nation in caring for premature babies. It’s also our commitment to supporting the family and guiding them through what can be such a trying …Continue reading →

Learn when to call the Wisconsin Poison Center: (800) 222-1222

Keep the Wisconsin Poison Center phone number handyAccidental ingestions can occur anywhere — at home, at a family member’s house, in the park, at the mall — wherever you travel. One statewide resource that is constant is the Wisconsin Poison Center.

Program the number of the Wisconsin Poison Center in your cell phone: (800) 222-1222. Wherever you go, this toll-free number will connect you to certified poison specialists for …Continue reading →