How kids can stay safe and keep away the summertime blues

How kids can stay safe and keep away the summertime bluesSummertime is a chance for kids to get some rest and relaxation, but one thing parents should never take a break from is making sure their kids are safe while enjoying these carefree days.

Did you know, for instance, that thousands of children in the United States are injured each year by lawn mowers? Or that just a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s risk for …Click here to continue reading

Rashes and coughs concern parents the most

Children's On Call mobile appEvery child has occasional health issues that concern parents. Ever wonder if the issues that concern you are unique?

Thanks to the Children’s On Call mobile app launched earlier this year, we now have a glimpse into what’s concerning parents. If you aren’t familiar with the app, it provides guidance on the appropriate level of medical care for common health problems, as well as …Click here to continue reading

Don’t let seasonal allergies ruin spring for children

Tips to keep the affects of allergies and asthma at bay during pollen seasonGoodbye, winter. Be gone and take your polar vortex with you! Hello, spring. Bring the warm temperatures and sunshine, but take it easy on the pollen count, OK?

The truth is, there isn’t much we can do about plants and trees releasing pollen into the air. While this natural flowering process gives rise to all the beautiful vegetation that makes …Click here to continue reading

How to identify and treat head lice in children

How to identify and treat head lice in childrenFall brings the return to school for our children and often, to the dismay of many parents, the return of head lice. Head lice are tiny, wingless insects that live among human hairs and feed on small amounts of blood drawn from our scalps. They are very common and occur most …Click here to continue reading

How to know if your child has an ear infection

How to know if your child has an ear infection

If you think your child has an ear infection, contact your pediatrician for an appointment.

Kids can get a lot of ear infections. They can be painful, uncomfortable and are especially common during cold and flu season.

An ear infection is inflammation of the middle ear, usually caused by a virus or bacteria, and happens when fluid builds up behind the eardrum and becomes infected. A child’s ears don’t …Click here to continue reading

Tips for making potty training less stressful

Tips for making potty training less stressful

Potty training is an exciting milestone in your child’s life.

As a pediatrician at Southwest Pediatrics, I see a lot of parents who are frustrated with the process of potty training their toddler. Sometimes, it’s because parents are starting the process before their child is ready.

The average age of a girl to potty train is 3 years old and the average age for a boy is 4 years old. A lot of grandparents will say that their kids were trained way earlier than that, but that’s because adults were “trained” to put their kids on the toilet every 30 minutes.

The goal of being potty trained is for the …Click here to continue reading

Routine to lifesaving care: Why three brothers depend on Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Routine to lifesaving care: Why three brothers depend on Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Noah, Eli and Abe are as close as brothers can be.

I’ve been a pediatrician for nearly 30 years. I decided I wanted to be a pediatrician when I was in high school and never wavered from my goal. I love what I do because it’s both rewarding and challenging.

It’s rewarding because I know I’m helping kids stay healthy. During three decades, I’ve watched a lot of my patients grow up into healthy adults. Now I have the privilege of treating many of my former patients’ children. It’s a lot of fun and it’s humbling …Click here to continue reading

What’s the difference between a cold and the flu?

Child with the fluFlu is here! If you watch the news, you know we are in the midst of the worst flu season in years. Emergency rooms are overflowing, kids and adults are missing school and work, and it’s only early January.

Why is it so bad? Influenza, the virus that causes the flu, has the ability to mutate every year. This is why everyone needs yearly flu shots. This year’s strain is …Click here to continue reading

Your child’s health: What websites, daytime TV shows and your pediatrician have to offer

Parents now have access to an increasing number of resources designed to help them care for their children, including a variety of websites, daytime TV shows, books and magazines. However, it’s important to understand the difference between what those …Click here to continue reading

Halloween safety: What every parent needs to know

As a mom, I know how fun and exciting Halloween can be for children. But as a pediatrician, I also know how important it is for parents to be involved in helping older children stay safe while trick-or-treating.

In the following video, I share what I think parents should know before letting their kids go out trick-or-treating:

…Click here to continue reading