How to increase your family’s intake of heart-healthy fats

Curried Waldorf Salad Recipe from The American Heart Association

This curried waldorf salad has nearly twice the fiber of typical versions.

Give your heart some love this month by increasing your intake of heart-healthy fats. Your body needs fat to provide energy for your cells to grow, to keep your body warm and to protect your organs. The major types of fats found in foods are saturated and trans fats (the unhealthy fats) and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (the healthy fats).

Including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats may help lower your risk of heart disease and can reduce your LDL (bad) cholesterol if you eat them in place of unhealthy fats. Foods high in …Click here to continue reading

Slow food: A healthy and budget-friendly alternative to fast food

Slow cookerSlow food is an international movement promoted as an alternative to fast food. The slow food movement encourages people to use local foods and support small business. It also encourages us to take time to prepare food from scratch versus using convenience foods, to enjoy the art of preparing food and eating …Click here to continue reading

Cooking with your children: A new family tradition

Young mother and son in kitchen making cookies.Cooking with your children around the holidays is an amazing way to introduce family traditions, teach basic cooking skills and develop young taste buds — which can lead to better nutrition. Often children who participate in helping prepare the meal are more inclined to try new foods.

Start with simple kitchen tasks like gathering ingredients, bowls, measuring cups and spoons. Young children can stir batter or help crack eggs. Gradually have …Click here to continue reading

Creative pumpkin recipes: The possibilities are delicious!

PumpkinsPumpkins are one of my favorite winter squash varieties. They are one of the few vegetables that are versatile enough to be used in both sweet and savory dishes. They are equally good in whole wheat pumpkin pancakes with pecans and real maple syrup for breakfast or roasted pumpkin soup with fresh lime and spicy curry powder for dinner. In addition, the delicious and nutrient dense seeds can quickly be roasted and tossed with …Click here to continue reading

Grilling is the most delicious time of year!

Who doesn’t love the smell of grilling in the summer? Grilling foods can be a great alternative to heating up the house with the oven this time of year. And you don’t have to save the grill for Memorial Day through Labor Day. It makes our long winters go faster, too.

Grilling also can be a healthier way to prepare food. After the usual brats, burgers and hot dogs, think about grilling different types of meats or even fruits and vegetables.

Kabobs are my personal favorite. You can individualize kabobs to suit any palette. Try …Click here to continue reading

Building a healthy feast from local eats: The value of a farmer’s market

Children’s Hospital Farmer’s Market

Fresh produce for sale at the Children’s Hospital Farmer’s Market

In Wisconsin, we are fortunate a great variety of fruits and vegetables are locally grown. From cheese and dairy products to vegetables and fruits, Wisconsinites easily can create a healthy feast from local eats.

Even right in our front yard at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Simon’s Gardens brings delicious, seasonal treats grown on a farm 30 miles away. Every Tuesday, the Simon family sells a variety of fruits and vegetables at the Children’s Hospital Farmer’s Market. Their knowledge of locally grown foods is …Click here to continue reading

Why female athletes should pay attention to missed periods

With spring sports finishing and fall sports on the horizon, many female athletes train year round to stay in shape. They may be trying to increase mileage and eat healthier to improve their performance. Sometimes, during intense sports seasons, a teen or young woman will realize that her period has stopped.

What’s wrong with that? Not many of us actually enjoy getting our periods. They can cause physical discomfort or irritability and, frankly, they aren’t pleasant. But few people realize …Click here to continue reading

How to promote a healthy body image and prevent a potential eating disorder

Everywhere we look, we are flooded with images of what “beautiful” should look like. We open up the latest Teen, YM and Cosmo magazines and are greeted with images of models who are stick thin and airbrushed while reading about how we too can “lose 10 pounds in 5 days.” We drive down the highway and see billboards promoting weight loss, and we turn on the TV and see actresses who are unbelievably thin. It’s not hard to understand why American girls and women have such a hard time loving their own bodies …Click here to continue reading

Three easy ways to take the salt out of your Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving. A time to be with family, watch football, relax and eat a lot of salty, rich foods. For many people Thanksgiving is not a time to focus on their health, and especially not a time to focus on their diets, but this can change.

In general, sodium (salt) intake is much too high in the United States. The American Heart Association recommends a limit of 1,500 mg of sodium per day for adults. One teaspoon of salt contains …Continue reading this post

Tricks for handling Halloween treats

This year, enjoy all the fun and frights of Halloween without fretting about the consequences of gobs of candy and other sweet treats. Excessive candy consumption can be bad for kid’s teeth and provide them with unneeded calories. As parents, it can be a challenge to make Halloween fun while restricting access to treats. Here are some ideas …Continue reading this post