Working together for kids and families

Today we experienced a frightening situation at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

We are still waiting for all the details to emerge. What we do know is that a man who was visiting our hospital was involved in an altercation with police and was shot.

My heart goes out to the family involved, to all of our patients and families who were here at the time, and to all of our employees who worked together to relieve patients and families of their fears. As the news broke, I know that friends and family were worried as they waited …Click here to continue reading

Learn how our Family Resource Center offers support for patient families

Learn how our Family Resource Center offers support for patient familiesEach year, we welcome more than 20,000 patients and their family members into the Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

They come to us for a variety of reasons. Some need to use our computers; others want to check out a library book, DVD, video game or tablet. We also have many families who turn to the Family Resource Center to read and learn more about their child’s medical condition, …Click here to continue reading

Why it doesn’t always take a brain surgeon to explain brain surgery

As a pediatric neurosurgeon, I help children with a wide range of neurological conditions. It can be a challenge explaining diseases and illnesses that affect the brain to families. That’s why when I came across Isabelle’s video on YouTube, I thought, I couldn’t have said …Click here to continue reading

Why we invite superheroes to scale our hospital walls

Spider-Man visits Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Robert waved to Spider-Man from his hospital window.

Last week, patients and families in our hospital were surprised when Spider-Man, Batman and Superman dropped by for a visit. And when I say, “dropped by,” I mean exactly that. Three window washers put on costumes and scaled their way down our hospital walls to surprise unsuspecting kids who were in their rooms.

It was truly a sight to see! We had patients on all floors running to their windows to catch a glimpse. Groups of people were …Click here to continue reading

Once again, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is included in Top Workplaces list

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Top Workplaces AwardI’m pleased to share the news that we are once again included in the list of Top Workplaces in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel annual survey.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recognizes outstanding Milwaukee-area businesses based on employee surveys. Companies are measured on several qualities including company leadership, career opportunities, workplace flexibility, compensation and …Click here to continue reading

Nurses share why they love working at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we are celebrating the tremendous care our nurses provide for children and families and their professional accomplishments as a part of our Nurses’ Week celebrations.

We are recognizing our nurses for their demonstration of excellence, quality and innovation in all they do. As chief nursing officer, I’m so proud of what it means to be …Click here to continue reading

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin nurse receives Nurse of the Year award

Heather Sanders, BSN, RN, CPN, receives Nurse of the Year award

Heather Sanders was awarded Nurse of the Year from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Hospitals across the country are celebrating Nurses’ Week and at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we’re kicking it off with a very special announcement: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Nurse of the Year is Heather Sanders, BSN, RN, CPN.

I have had the pleasure of working with Heather in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital and have seen firsthand her interactions with her patients and their families. Heather is highly skilled and a vital member of the teams that care for critically ill children. She helps develop care plans and provides direct patient care with tremendous expertise. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, she rises above and …Click here to continue reading

Bombing in Boston: Finding inspiration when tragedy strikes

My heart goes out to the victims, and all the friends and family impacted by the bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday.

Anytime tragedy strikes, I am deeply saddened by the injuries and loss of life. And as is often the case, I am equally inspired by those who rushed in to help. It’s difficult to make sense of events like this, unless you pay attention to the helpers. In Boston, emergency workers, volunteers, and even the runners themselves, rushed in to care for the injured. This kind of spirit and dedication is what lifts us up when times are tough and gets us …Click here to continue reading

Like you, we believe kids deserve the best

Like all moms, I wanted only the best for my girls as they were growing up. Throughout my career as a health care provider, I tested the quality of my work by asking: would this be good enough for my kids? At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we’ve never settled for anything less than the best for kids — and we never will. I consider it an honor to work for …Click here to continue reading

Why I love our nurses at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Cookie and Laura

Cookie and her nurse, Laura McNally, BSN, RN

We have been touched by the kindness of so many nurses here at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin since my daughter, Cookie, was diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2012. She had six rounds of chemo followed by a bone marrow transplant. We could not have gotten through it without the love and great care of nurses like Laura McNally, her nurse in our MACC Fund Center.

Laura made a personal connection with Cookie from her very first …Click here to continue reading