Having Children’s Hospital in Fox Valley helps family balance life

February 1 is the 10th anniversary of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. I would like to share our experience and let others know what a tremendous impact having the hospital close to our home has meant to us.

My son, Griffin, was born in 2003 with a rare brain abnormality called Lissencephaly (Miller-Dieker syndrome). We knew of his condition while I was pregnant, and though somewhat prepared, had no idea what was to …Click here to continue reading

Why I love working at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley

As the 10th anniversary of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley approaches, I was asked to share my favorite memory of working here. I am fortunate enough to have seven great years of memories with Children’s Hospital. When I try to think of a single, favorite memory I am flooded with thoughts and stories of patients and co-workers.

Each day I see patients who hold a special place in my heart. Each day, I work with people …Click here to continue reading

New video tells about family’s experience at Children’s Hospital-Fox Valley

At Children’s Hospital-Fox Valley, located in Neenah, Wis., we see families in the midst of crisis every day. The families we serve often are going through the most difficult days of their lives. That’s why our staff takes extra care to help make each patient’s stay as easy as possible.

Our hospital is dedicated exclusively to treating children. We are the only hospital in the Fox Valley with pediatricians on site 24/7. But, as you will see, our services go way beyond …Click here to continue reading

Are allergies bothering you? You’re not alone!

Welcome to spring! This is the time of year that flowering plants and trees release pollen into the air, and it’s making some people miserable. In many parts of the U.S., 2010 is shaping up to be an especially bad year for allergy sufferers. There’s a lot of sneezing, nose blowing and itchy, watery eyes out there.

Weather conditions affect how much pollen is in the air. Trees and flowers are blooming earlier this year because of the warm days we’ve had. Rain will clear the air of pollen and strong winds may take pollen higher up into the atmosphere. Pollen is likely to cause the most trouble on sunny, warm days with a light breeze.

…Click here to continue reading