Why one Kenosha girl is writing a letter to Michelle Obama on behalf of every child in Wisconsin

No one can tell the stories of children’s hospitals better than the patients and families that we serve. Every year, the Children’s Hospital Association hosts Family Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.

This year, Claire Bevec, from Kenosha, Wis., is taking her story to Washington, D.C. She will join nearly 30 other child patients and their families from across the country to ask Congress to protect health care for children. National health care programs our kids rely …Click here to continue reading

We’re heading to Capitol Hill for Family Advocacy Day

Claire and Linda

Claire and Linda Bevec

On behalf of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin our family will participate in the Children’s Hospital Association’s eighth annual Family Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. next month.

Family Advocacy Day brings approximately 30 families from the nation’s top children’s hospitals to Washington each summer. While there, families educate members of Congress and the media about the quality health care that all children and families need and to address critical medical and health care concerns for children specifically in their home state.

Our daughter Claire was born six weeks premature …Click here to continue reading

Why you need to speak up for the children of Wisconsin

Children's Advocacy NetworkAs a member of the Children’s Advocacy Network (C.A.N.), I stay up-to-date on important issues related to child and family health. The network provides easy access to information related to local, state and federal public policy issues that affect children and families.

The true political process isn’t exactly what we see and hear in the media. Each of us has a voice and I believe an obligation to advocate for what is best for children. Without …Click here to continue reading

There must be something in the water…

This old adage has some truth. While you can’t see it or taste it, there are many benefits of drinking fluoridated water. February is National Children’s Dental Health month. Parents looking to make an impact on their child’s oral health, which ultimately impacts overall health, can make one simple change. Next time you fill your child’s sippy cup, don’t reach for the juice container, but rather the good old-fashioned kitchen sink. Over 91 percent …Click here to continue reading

Why legislators value your advocacy and how you can get involved

This is a guest post by Wisconsin State Representative Jason Fields and Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vukmir.

We are often asked, “Does hearing from me really make a difference when you are voting on policy issues?” The answer is YES! We benefit from and rely on hearing from our constituents about issues that are important …Continue reading this post

Why Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is going purple for prematurity awareness

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the March of Dimes Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Support Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. This program has brought support and information to thousands of families impacted by prematurity and birth defects. …Continue reading this post

Take back campaign aims to protect our water systems and prevent drug abuse

Every year millions of medications are prescribed in the U.S. that, for a variety of reasons, never get taken by patients. Sometimes a doctor changes a prescription, or a patient simply doesn’t take all of his or her medication.

Whatever the reason, these drugs are a serious threat …Continue reading this post

Like our new Facebook page and join the conversation

We are very excited to announce that Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has a new home on Facebook. Our new Facebook page provides expanded opportunities for you to:

  • Stay connected to news about clinical care, advocacy, research and education from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.
  • Receive updates and information on children’s health and safety issues.
  • Share your stories of hope, recovery and healing.

We invite old friends, new friends …Continue reading this post

We’re investing in our community so our children will be the healthiest in the nation

One of my responsibilities at Children’s Hospital and Health System is to collect and report community benefit data for the system. Every year I am amazed how much our organization gives back to the community. The support and resources provide such a positive impact on the well-being of Wisconsin children. …Continue reading this post

Baldwin Family in Washington, D.C. for Family Advocacy Day


The Baldwin family visited the Lincoln Memorial this morning.

The Baldwin family of Milwaukee is in Washington, D.C. and will meet with legislators on Tuesday, July 26, to discuss the importance of children’s health care issues.  In 2009, Jonathan Baldwin and his friends were the victims of an armed robbery. Jonathan was shot seven times and transported to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in critical condition.

Millions of children in the U.S. require special care at children’s hospitals to address their health challenges. The budget crisis of 2011 is real and requires serious action, but it must be done in a way that does not threaten long-term negative impact on the state of children’s health care by decreasing access to care …Continue reading this post