The U.S. Transplant Games kick off in Madison next week!

Starting Friday, July 30 Madison will be the home to the 2010 U.S. Transplant Games®, organized by the National Kidney Foundation. The city will be abuzz with thousands of people from across the country, including transplant recipients, living donors, donor families, transplant professionals and friends and family members, gathered to celebrate the lives touched by organ donation and transplantation.

The Olympic-style competition is held every two years in locations around the country. The competitive events include golf, basketball, swimming, bowling, racquetball, table tennis, cycling, tennis and much more! The games also have opening and closing ceremonies and a 5k Race that everyone is invited to participate in. …Click here to continue reading

Going for gold close to home

The 2010 Winter Olympics are taking place close to home this year in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. While enjoying the Olympics, my thoughts will naturally turn to the 2010 U.S. Transplant Games. The games take place July 30 through Aug. 4 in Madison, Wis.

The U.S. Transplant Games are Olympic-style events for transplant recipients to compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in 13 sporting events. Opening and closing ceremonies along with other celebrations make the U.S. Transplant Games an extremely amazing experience as you realize the health challenges participants have overcome to be there.

Recipients of hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, pancreases, intestines and bone marrow have an opportunity meet other recipients and their families, celebrate life through athletic competitions and promote the success of donation and transplantation.

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