We’re in the top 2 percent

The call about Magnet was really exciting!

Applause and cheers as the call comes in.

It is with great joy and excitement that I  write this blog.

Today the American Nurses Credentialing Center again named Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin a member of the prestigious Magnet  Recognition Program. This was a unanimous decision by the Commission on  Magnet.

This morning  a large group of direct-care nurses, multidisciplinary  staff,  and leaders huddled in a crowded conference room  anxiously awaiting a call from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. There  was so much excitement in the room when the phone rang. Once we were told that  we retained our Magnet status, the crowd just erupted into applause and cheer  as the conversation was played out on a speaker phone.

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Excitement builds as March begins

You can feel it. Excitement is building here at Children’s Hospital as March begins. This is the month so many of us have been planning for over the past several years – the opening of the new west tower.

This past week, the west tower became home to the hospital’s pharmacy. The move was well choreographed, and went extremely smoothly – with all of our patient care needs uninterrupted. With one move under our belt, we are excited about opening the new expansive lobby and front doors on Monday, March 30. Shortly after that we will open the critical care units on Monday, April 6, and then the acute care units and Herma Heart Center at the end of April and beginning of May respectively. …Continue reading →

Forty days and counting . . .

taylormoskolart1Today marks 40 days until Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s new west tower lobby opens. We’re absolutely busting with pride and excitement about what this will mean for our patients and our staff. Our average daily patient census recently has been hovering consistently in the high 200s. With our current bed count at 236 that means many families are doubling up during this, our busiest time of year. We’re grateful for their patience, but we really want to give them more. With that said, here is a random list of things about the west tower that we can’t wait to share with our patients, our staff and the community when the front door opens on Monday, March 30.

40 random things about the new west tower expansion:

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