How you can keep kids safe from sexual abuse

The Penn State sexual abuse scandal has shown there are horrific consequences when adults fail to take action to protect children. When NCAA President Mark Emmert announced the sanctions against the university, he said they should serve as “a stark wake-up call for everyone involved in college sports.”

I would like to think this not only wakes up college sports, but all of us as well. We need to recognize that we all are responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse. To keep the kids in your life safe, remember to: …Continue reading →

A growing epidemic

a2a-logoDid you know there is currently a condition that affects one in four girls and one in six boys before their 18th birthday?  And, that recently the Centers for Disease Control has acknowledged this condition as a national health epidemic?

This “condition” is the reality of child sexual abuse in Wisconsin.  Here are some additional statistics you might not be aware of:

  • In Wisconsin, 47 percent of sex offenders were related to the victim, 49 percent were acquaintances and 4 percent were strangers.
  • The median age for reported sexual abuse is 9 years old.
  • Nearly 40 percent of victims are abused by older and larger children.
  • Abuse typically occurs within a long-term, on-going relationship between the offender and victim, escalates over time and lasts an average of four years.

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