5 reasons why you should have a MyChart account

5 reasons why you should have a MyChart accountIf you or your family members see a Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provider, consider opening a MyChart account. MyChart lets you view portions of your electronic medical records, helping you to become more involved with your family’s health care.

Here are five reasons why you should open a MyChart account. MyChart allows you to: …Click here to continue reading

Why we invite superheroes to scale our hospital walls

Spider-Man visits Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Robert waved to Spider-Man from his hospital window.

Last week, patients and families in our hospital were surprised when Spider-Man, Batman and Superman dropped by for a visit. And when I say, “dropped by,” I mean exactly that. Three window washers put on costumes and scaled their way down our hospital walls to surprise unsuspecting kids who were in their rooms.

It was truly a sight to see! We had patients on all floors running to their windows to catch a glimpse. Groups of people were …Click here to continue reading

Sharing the most appreciated gifts of the holidays

The week between Christmas and New Year’s brings a bit of a reprieve when I like to take a moment to quietly reflect on how the holidays are going. The lists were made and checked twice. Holiday gatherings with family and friends were full of sweet treats and good cheer. We shared gifts and many boxes were unwrapped.

But if we think “outside the box,” what really makes this time of year so special? I think being with loved ones is what we all …Continue reading this post

Together for the Holidays

Many times each day, I find myself riding the hospital elevators with our patients and their families. When I ask, “Which button can I push for you?” the answer often is the same: “Is there a button that says ‘home’?”

The holiday season is one of the most difficult times of year for our patients and families, especially when everyone wants to be together for the holidays. Parents do their best to unite their families, but it’s a challenge – one child is in the hospital, other children need care at home, job duties remain and there are countless pressures of the holiday season. We believe families should be together during this difficult time. This is why we are partnering with 96.5 WKLH to help bring patients and their families “Together for the Holidays.”

Our online fundraising campaign runs through Thursday, Dec. 23. One highlight of the campaign is a live broadcast with Dave Luczak and Carole Caine of WKLH in our hospital lobby from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 16. Throughout the campaign, we will accept cash donations at chw.org/together. These gifts will provide various amenities to help unite our patients and families during the holidays, including gas cards, restaurant certificates, hotel accommodations and transportation.

We can’t add a “home” button to our elevators, but we can make the holiday season brighter for kids and their families with your support. Help keep these families together for the holidays. For more information or to donate, visit us at www.chw.org/together.

Maggie Butterfield, director of Patient Amenities and Family Services, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

A peaceful retreat: Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Noel Family Healing Garden

Last month, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin opened the Noel Family Healing Garden. Thanks to a generous contribution from John and Patty Noel, our patient families and staff now have an outdoor space where they can escape, take a break and regroup.

The Noel Family Healing Garden is more than just a beautiful outdoor space. In fact, studies show that being exposed to peaceful, outdoor areas such as this one can help our patients heal. …Click here to continue reading