Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Have you driven past State Fair Park or Miller Park and noticed the billboard that says “Ordinary people needed to do extraordinary things?” Have you glanced at foster care fliers, table tents and posters in your local coffee shop, barber shop, school, college, place of worship and restaurant? Have you read the plea for more foster parents on a tray liner at McDonald’s, in Applebee’s when receiving your bill or at your place of business by participating in foster parent lunch and learn? If so, you have seen just some of Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin’s recruitment efforts. …Continue reading this post

It takes a village

Tomorrow is a day to celebrate — National Adoption Day. It’s a day across the country when many children will be officially adopted into forever families. Here in Milwaukee, we will be finalizing a number of adoptions for children. If you’ve had the chance to take part in an adoption finalization, I can tell you it’s very personal and incredibly special. Not unlike the birth of a child or a wedding, it is a moment that changes the lives of children and their new families — forever.

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Help our foster kids head back to school with confidence

“Drive through” school supply drive this Friday at Children’s Services Society of Wisconsin

On any given day in Milwaukee, 2,500 children are living in foster care while their families take time to heal. A foster parent provides a temporary family and home for a child until he or she can be reunited safely with his or her biological family or placed in a permanent living situation.

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Working together to help families

Did you know that every month 100 Milwaukee County children enter foster care? Right now, there are approximately 2,600 children in foster care. These children come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of needs. What they have in common is a need for a nurturing, temporary place to call home. In our work as adoption and foster care advocates, we see how the lives of children and families have been affected when a family is in distress. But we also see what good can happen when a community pulls together and helps a family through difficult times.

That is one of the reasons the recruitment team at Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin and some of the foster/adoption staff has teamed up to work together to make connections in the community. We are stepping out of our normal job duties to develop a comprehensive grassroots initiative to move towards solving some of the major issues in our community revolving around child welfare. …Continue reading →