Tanned skin is damaged skin: Shedding light on the dangers of sun exposure

Dangers of sun exposureDespite widespread reports of the sun’s dangers, a 10-year study showed that use of sunscreen among white and Hispanic high school students in the U.S. is declining. Sunburns during childhood can lead to the development of skin cancers later. In fact, skin cancers are beginning to appear earlier in life, sometimes even in adolescence.

Many people find tanned skin attractive. But today, we know that tanned skin is damaged skin. Sun exposure can have serious effects on our physical appearance and health. Teens should NEVER use tanning beds.

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Learn the myths and facts about teens with acne

As a pediatric dermatologist, I see a lot of teens with acne. Many teens and parents have questions about the myths and facts about acne.

One myth I often hear is that acne is caused by not washing your face. Acne is caused by multiple factors, including oil in the pores, hormones and bacteria and inflammation in the skin. Face washing alone does not address all these things, although washing with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial wash such as benzoyl peroxide can be very helpful.

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