Putting a stop to bullying

As an e-learning consultant for Children’s Health Education Center, I help teachers, counselors and administrators deliver BlueKids.org health education programs.

No topic is closer to my heart than bullying prevention. As adults, most of us can recall witnessing or even engaging in bullying behavior when we were young. Some of us even know what it’s like to be the victim, to be scared, to not want to go to school for fear of torment and abuse. …Continue reading this post

Bullying goes high tech

As the youth development coordinator at Children’s Health Education Center, I work with teenagers who, on a regular basis, remind me that I am not as tech savvy as they are.  In fact, I’m not even close. I don’t even deserve to shuffle their iPods.

Changing your status on Facebook or posting a blog on MySpace, while as ubiquitous to teens as pep rallies or skin cream, can present unforeseen dangers. Bullying happens in every school and at every level.  However, unlike other forms of bullying, cyber bullying can prove to be more mean-spirited and dangerous because it is likely under the radar of school officials and parents.

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