Donate Life

Are you looking for that extra special present to give someone?
 Well how about giving up a little bit of yourself, or more specifically one of your organs, your blood or marrow?

Becoming an organ, blood or marrow donor holds the promise of life for thousands of patients with life-threatening conditions and diseases. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has seen the impact that organ donation can have for children and families awaiting a transplant. We perform heart, liver and kidney transplants. Many of our children wait …Continue reading →

Top five summer injuries: Don’t let your kids wind up in the emergency department this summer

Summer is the most dangerous time of year for children, which is why it’s also known as “trauma season.” These are the top five injuries that land kids in Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Emergency Department every summer and how to avoid them. Keep your kids happy, healthy and out of the Emergency Department this summer!

1. Falls
Did you know that falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury for children?
To prevent falls at home:

  • Always strap children into high chairs, swings and strollers.
  • Remember that children can fall from windows opened as little as five inches.
  • Never rely on window screens to prevent falls.
  • Never let children play alone on fire escapes, high porches or balconies.
  • Use safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
  • Keep hallways and stairs well lit and clear of clutter.
  • Make sure there is a safe surface under playground equipment. Safe surfaces include mulch, pea gravel and shredded rubber at least nine to 12 inches deep and extending at least six feet in all directions around equipment.

2. Poisonings/Ingestions

  • Teach your child to recognize and avoid poisonous plants like poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac, which can cause an allergic reaction if they come in contact with the skin.
  • Teach your child not to eat or touch any plants or flowers without asking you first. Many plants such as wild mushrooms and berries might look edible, yet they are poisonous. Even pretty flowers in the garden like azaleas, daffodils and rhododendron are toxic.
  • In the garage, store dangerous chemicals like pesticides, gasoline, lighter fluid and  cleaners out of your child’s reach in a locked cabinet or garden shed.
  • Keep chemicals in their original containers and add a Mr. Yuk™ sticker so your child knows the product is poisonous.
  • If using pesticides, keep kids and pets away from the area until the pesticide has dried, or as long as recommended on the label.

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