First aid for poisonings

The snow is melting, temperatures are rising and over the weekend we turned the clocks forward. Yes, spring is in the air. And in many homes across southeast Wisconsin, so are the scents of cleaning products.

Spring-cleaning, an annual tradition for many, can bring about potential poison hazards if you’re not careful. At Wisconsin Poison Center, we see an increase in calls this time of year, usually related to children getting into cleaning products. If a poisoning occurs, I suggest following the guidelines below.
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Wisconsin Poison Center talks turkey

About this time every year, Wisconsin Poison Center begins to see a spike in calls related to food poisoning. Did you know it’s one of the most common illnesses in the U.S., costing between $5 billion and $17 billion in medical care and lost productivity?

Unfortunately, turkey is a prime source for salmonella poisoning. There are many simple ways you can protect yourself and your guests from food poisoning this holiday season.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cooking Thanksgiving (or any) dinner is handling the raw turkey, then preparing the next menu item without washing their hands properly and/or using the same cooking utensils without sanitizing them.

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This Saturday, protect your family and the environment

Update: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Monday, April 20, Medicine collection brings in 2.73 tons

A great way to properly dispose of outdated or unneeded medications, keep dangerous drugs out of the hands of our toddlers and teens, and protect our drinking water is by participating in Medicine Collection Day, this Saturday, April 18.

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