Purchase Kohl’s Cares Disney Pixar plush toys and books and help Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Purchase Kohl’s Cares Disney Pixar plush toys and books and help Children’s Hospital of WisconsinWhen you shop at Kohl’s, do you stop to see the latest kids’ $5 books and plush merchandise on display near the checkout counter? I know I do. The merchandise usually …Click here to continue reading

Milwaukee-area kids star in Hollywood-style premiere of Spriggy SafeT-V webisodes

Milwaukee-area kids star in Hollywood-style premiere of Spriggy SafeT-V webisodes

Local stars of the new Spriggy SafeT-V webisodes ham it up at the premiere.

Lights, camera, action! More than 50 people attended a Hollywood-style movie premiere Saturday at the Rite-Hite Family YMCA in Brown Deer, Wis. Three new and engaging videos starring more than 60 Milwaukee-area children were shown on the big screen, and …Click here to continue reading

The power of partnership in injury prevention

Kohl’s Cares Grow Safe & Healthy ProgramKohl’s Cares® announced today the renewal of its partnership with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin with a donation of $3.7 million over the next three years.

This generous donation supports the Kohl’s Cares Grow Safe & Healthy Program, an outreach program designed to teach children how to stay safe in their environments — in the …Click here to continue reading

How parents can protect children from bullying

How parents can protect children from bullyingAs parents, we support and guide our children through many life lessons and oftentimes think back to our own experiences as a child. I remember my first year of middle school like it was yesterday — I had a pretty significant bicycle accident one month before the first day of school that year, and it left me with scars on my face and shoulder that still remain. Those scars were a perfect target for bullies: Names, laughs, talking behind my back — it all …Click here to continue reading

How helmets can help prevent tragedies during “trauma season”

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, summer is “trauma season.” Birds are chirping, flowers are sprouting and kids are falling — off their bikes, scooters and while on their in-line skates. Last weekend, our Emergency Department admitted 12 kids with injuries related to summer activities. Half of them were bicycle injuries.

As a parent, we have many responsibilities, but none is more important than being a role model. Trust me — kids are watching. A couple of weeks ago, I bought my daughter a pair of in-line skates for her birthday. I have been blading for years, and she was excited to join …Click here to continue reading

Tweeting to end bullying

It seems like every time I open a magazine, newspaper or turn on the TV there’s something about bullying. These bullying discussions recently were taken to a whole new venue – a live chat that I participated in on Twitter.

TwitterLast month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hosted an hour-long live Twitter chat with a panel of experts and advocates from across the country about bullying prevention. Dick Schafer, manager, program development and evaluation, Children’s Health Education Center, and I had the opportunity to participate as representatives of the American School Health Association. Topics of discussion included facts, …Click here to continue reading

Make sure little ghosts and goblins are safe and seen this Halloween

Halloween is the time of year I insist on two rules – be creative and be safe. The kids and I start exploring different ideas in August. We talk about what they dressed up as in past years and what they are really into this year. Then, we have a reality check and focus on what we can make without sewing.

This year, my son is completely wrapped around “Star Wars: the Clone Wars” and begged to be Captain Rex. I know my creative limitations and his expectations, so despite my …Click here to continue reading