Maintaining structure during summer vacation

Summer vacation is here. Without the pressures of school, many kids spend their days riding bikes, eating ice cream and going swimming with friends. One of the best things about summer vacation is having a break from the structure and order of school.

At the same time, structure and order help put parameters around our lives. It helps us know when to get up in the morning, when to go to bed at night, when to eat and how to spend our time.

During the summer, some kids become more active. Others spend their days conquering new video games, spraining their thumbs while texting and updating their social networking sites. Some kids wander in and out of the kitchen, finding new things to eat. Others get so busy they forget to eat meals. This lack of structure can create an environment where kids can find themselves in a world of weight loss trouble.

During summer vacation, parents should set their children up for success. Set a bedtime, wake-up time, schedule of daily activities and a menu. This structure will help children make significant strides in managing their weight, even while enjoying summer vacation.

~ Brian Fidlin, PsyD, director, NEW (Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Management) Kids Program

Make healthy eating easier for Wisconsin kids

When it comes to healthy eating habits, not everyone makes the best choices every day. Sure, sneaking in an ice cream cone or fast food once in a while can’t hurt, but only if you remember to eat your vegetables, too.

Tomorrow, legislators are voting on important legislation that will make healthy eating habits easier for Wisconsin kids. The Farm to School program is a step in the right direction to reducing obesity and giving healthy options to our kids.

Why is this important and what does it do?

Farm-to-School programs provide locally grown food to schools. In addition to supporting local farmers, these programs get fresh fruits and vegetables to kids.

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