Lab in the lab

Boone with a patient.Having blood drawn is rarely something to look forward to. When you’re only 3 years old or even 12 years old, it might even be scary! That’s where we come in. I’m Boone, a black Labrador retriever. My brother Hoss and I are proud members of the Animal Assisted Therapy Program here at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. There are 17 of us dogs in all. We allow handlers – who happen to be humans – to come along with us when we make rounds. But really, it’s all about the children we help.

Doctors, nurses, therapists and parents may request our help for any number of reasons. We make rounds just like the doctors do. Our rounds include clinics and the hospital, from imaging, oncology and Herma Heart Center, to occupational, physical and speech therapies and the lab. On any given day we average 27 service requests and we visit the hospital Monday through Friday.

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