Family advocates for children in Washington, D.C.


Angela, Paul, Anna, Hope and Abigail Petr

With summer approaching, it is easy to be cheerful, but my family is feeling especially blessed and content. We are traveling to Washington, D.C., as family representatives of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and in doing so, have been reminded of our many reasons to be grateful.

It was a little more than four years ago that we delivered our beautiful twin girls, knowing the chain of events to follow would be trying. One of our twins was diagnosed with a complex heart defect in utero and all research led us to seek help from Children’s Hospital. Wonderful professionals held our hands and prepared us for the road to follow. The diagnosis was crushing, but it would have been unimaginable without the support and reassurance we received from the talented and compassionate team at Children’s Hospital. We felt it a near miracle to discover that of all the heart centers in the world, Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee presented the best outcomes for children with our daughter’s condition. We named our daughter “Hope” because we were given so much of that.

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