5 misconceptions people have about Tourette — from someone who has it — 4 Comments

  1. Wow Emily. You are an amazing young woman. Thank you for sharing your story and for all of these great insights. Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing educating others.

  2. Thank you for speaking so well on an important subject! Keep spreading the word and educating: you are doing well, and you are doing good for this world. 🙂

  3. I too have Tourette’s Emily… and am impressed by your comfort with it at such a young age and willingness to share and educate. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you’re doing! You’re an inspiration!

  4. My son was diagnosed with tourettes at the age of 7 his symptoms started at age 5 the doctor said that he had to have the symptoms for two years before they could diagnose. My son Myles did not swear either his vocal was clearing his throat and his tics change but lots of nodding his head and chomping his teeth together. At the beginning the doctors thought it was just nerves causing tics but when it never subsided they sent us to a neurologist and that’s when he was finally diagnosed. We chose not to medicate and were told the worst would be puberty,Myles is now 13 and a straight A student who excels at football,baseball and basketball. I definitely see his ticks pick up with nerves but otherwise his ticks are tolerable. Don’t get me wrong it was very hard learning about Tourettes and how to educate his teachers and friends, for about 4 years after he was diagnosed he took kid friendly books to school to let the kids read to help them understand that he was not making noises and ticking on purpose. This helped slot.