Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin wins Lab of the Year — 3 Comments

  1. I’d love to know what pain management techniques and therapies are all available. Last time my son had blood drawn he was screaming the whole time and nothing was offered. I even asked if you had anything to distract with, such as “Buzzy”, and the tech had never heard of it. UW does have “Buzzy” available so I was surprised you didn’t as well.

  2. Sara,

    Our laboratory at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin offers Pain Ease spray, for patients over age 1. The spray “freezes” the draw site, in an effort to minimize the pain from the needlestick. For patients under 1 year, we offer sucrose, which causes a release of endorphins to relax the infant during the procedure. In addition, we offer the services of a child life specialist and therapy dogs to further assist patients through the procedure (by appointment). We investigated use of the Buzzy device a number of years ago, but were unable to find an effective way to disinfect the device between patients, and opted for these other solutions. I would be happy to discuss with you what is best for your child. Feel free to contact me at any time. My phone number is 414-266-2518.


    Tara Schmidt, MBA, MT (ASCP)
    Laboratory Manager of Support Services
    Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

  3. Buzzy Healthcare Mini can be cleaned with a saniwipe between patients. Healthcare Wings can also be cleaned, or some hospitals use single-use wings they can give to patients. Buzzy has been proven to be twice as effective as cold spray, which can actually increase pain – research shows it begins to benefit when patients are older than 12 years (Ramsook et al). Let us know if we can help!