Helping kids deal with grief: Tips for parents — 2 Comments

  1. i’d like to just say i have four beautiful children 21,17,15, & 09.. I was with my husband 17yrs before he passed from appendix cancer in 2012 when my youngest was 6 & who was basically his fathers shadow. My husband had a great relationship with the kids and always took the time because he didnt have a father so he was the best at it with his. I admired & loved him for many things.. It is very difficult for me to still watch my children in their grief but i do all these things i talk i listen we go over memories when they pop up often to let them know they were memories of great moments in their lives. However my youngest who is now 09 is constantly thinking about death, cancer and accidents afraid of something terrible happening. I did request him to be counselled at school a few times a week in hopes to get whatever he doesnt want to share with me out so he can be a child and not stress on such a thing as death. He tells me sometimes he doesnt want to talk to me cause he doesnt want to make me sad. I told him the only thing that makes my heart sad is knowing something is bothering you and you feel you dont want to burden me and tell me because it is not ever a burden it is a joy to me that my children all feel they can always come to me… Id like to know if there are activities or other things i can do for all my children (we are a close family) to help in a grief that will never be gone???

  2. Please accept our condolences on the death of your husband and father. He sounds like a wonderful man who is greatly missed. I would suggest taking your son and other children to a children’s grief center. They would be with other bereaved children and able to share similar experiences, explore feelings and learn coping skills in a group setting. During the children’s groups, there are also adult groups for the parents/guardians to support each other. These centers offer different family events and camps throughout the year as well. All their services are free. In the Milwaukee area, I would recommend Kyle’s Korner, 414-777-1585 or

    Nichole Schwerman, MA, CT
    Bereavement Coordinator/CISM Coordinator
    Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin