Peggy Troy and Sadie

3-year-old Sadie is a primary care patient at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

For so many of us, the holidays revolve around children and families. That’s certainly true here at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. As the CEO, and as a mom, my thoughts are with the kids and families who are struggling this holiday season with a hospital stay or those transitioning to foster care. Then there are those who have a new home and renewed hope through adoption. It’s such an honor and a privilege to care for these families and to serve them in so many ways.

When I think of my kids and the joy they bring to my life, I feel even more committed to my work and connected to the families we serve. The holidays are a great reminder of just how important it is to thank those who mean the most. For me, that’s the many care providers who treat kids like I want mine to be treated. It’s the families who put their trust in us every day. And it’s the community that supports us year-round.

I am grateful that at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin we have an amazing team of physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists and other staff who are dedicated to do what’s best for kids. Our teams do everything they can to make life a little better for the kids and families who need us. They are here, on behalf of the kids — every holiday and every single day.

What is your family thankful for? It’s a simple question that too often gets overlooked in holiday celebrations. Whether it’s at the dinner table or in the car ride to grandma’s house, I encourage you to find time to have this conversation with your kids.

peggy-troy-blog-pic– Peggy Troy, president and CEO, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is the region’s only independent health care system dedicated solely to the health and well-being of children.



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