How to choose a heart hospital for your child — 1 Comment

  1. This is a wonderful blog highlighting key factors parents need to know centered around choosing a surgeon and hospital team. The process can be truly daunting to families, particularly because the issue of CHD is often not the only challenge a family is facing at that particular time.

    Our family’s exposure to the excellent pediatric heart care began in 1968-1970. At the time, these reports were not available and sharing this to gain some perspective about how far CHD has progressed in a few short decades. I am grateful to have been within a few hours to seek good quality care. If you wish to learn more about our experiences, please check out the blogs below.

    In honor of CHD awareness week February 7-14th, please support your local heart care teams to continue to move forward towards a cure for the most common birth defect.

    Michelle Steltzer