My family has spent a lot of time at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin over the past two and a half years. My daughter Lulu was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) just one week before her fifth birthday, and our lives were forever changed.

No one could (or should) know the severe highs and lows our family experienced, and the emotional toll it took on us. I would like you to know how extremely fortunate we feel to have Children’s Hospital right here in our community. They were there for us physically and emotionally, to help heal our daughter, give us hope when we needed it, and the hard truth when it was called for.

Lulu’s cancer affected our entire family

As I’ve learned through this journey, cancer not only affected Lulu, it has affected our entire family. My son Mason, 11, recently wrote about what his sister’s cancer diagnosis and treatment has meant to him.

Mason and Lulu

Mason and Lulu

Mason wrote:

“When Lulu was sick, I was really scared and worried, and I didn’t even know what was happening. So when I went to the hospital to see her for the first time, someone from Children’s Hospital explained to me that Lulu had ALL. They said that it had to do with her bone marrow, and she had too many bad blood cells. I prayed and prayed that night that everything would be fine.

I liked being at Children’s Hospital because it made me feel safe, and that everything was going to be OK. I knew she was in good hands. They cared for Lulu like a family throughout the whole treatment.

I did my best through what we called her stormy days, and tried to pull out a rainbow for Lulu. I made her laugh when I visited, and when she was crying after a shot or “poke.” I just love to make her laugh. It makes me feel like a better person when I make someone’s bad day turn around. Even without me, she is so strong. She toughed out medications, procedures and shots every day nonstop.

She is one of the strongest people I know. Even if I had leukemia, I don’t think I would be as tough as her. She is the shining sun — bright, illuminating everybody in her path — and she’s done that for me.”

Every donation makes a difference

Our family is looking forward to sharing Lulu’s story May 22-23 on the Dave & Carole Miracle Marathon for Children’s Hospital. This is Dave & Carole’s 17th amazing year of hosting the radiothon, which has raised more than $19 million since it began. Their goal for this year is to raise $1.5 million for Children’s Hospital in just two days.

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Tune in to 96.5 WKLH to hear many incredible hospital stories from families like ours. Everyone can help support this great hospital, and every donation makes a difference. When you do, you help kids and families in our community, which means the world to this family. Thank you.

Teresa Sammarco– Teresa Sammarco, guest blogger

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