Deciding where to take your child for pediatric care involves weighing many factors. In my many years as a pediatric heart surgeon working with families, one of the key factors I always recommend they consider is innovation. For many reasons, I suggest that parents seek out a hospital that encourages new ideas and innovative thinking. A hospital that innovates is a hospital that refuses to settle for the status quo – a hospital that is always looking to improve. These hospitals are the leaders that strive to recruit the best doctors and produce the best results.

Making innovation a priority

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, innovation is one of our key values. At the Herma Heart Center in particular, innovation has been central to our program since day one. It’s one of the drivers that leads to our ongoing cutting-edge clinical research and exceptional clinical results.

We have a saying among our staff: “What keeps you up at night?” We all have personal passions that drive us day in and day out — things we care so deeply about that we’ve made them our life’s work. It’s that level of passion and commitment that we bring to our patient families.

Watch the video above. It highlights some of the results our innovative thinking at the Herma Heart Center has produced, not only for our patients but also for children around the world. I encourage you to watch it and hear firsthand from my Herma Heart Center colleagues why it’s so important for hospitals like ours to make innovation a priority as we keep pushing to offer the best possible care to our patients.

James Tweddell, MD– James Tweddell, MD, pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, Herma Heart Center, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Herma Heart Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is one of the nation’s top programs for medical and surgical treatment of congenital heart defects and heart disease in children.

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