Although it can be scary when your child gets a nosebleed, it’s usually not dangerous. In this video, I explain why nosebleeds occur and provide techniques that demonstrate:

  • How to stop your child’s actively bleeding nose
  • How to put ointment in your child’s nose to prevent nosebleeds

Since nosebleeds are common in kids, start with some of these simple techniques. If your child is having persistent nosebleeds, severe nosebleeds or nosebleeds that take a long time to stop, be sure to contact your child’s pediatrician. Your child may also need to be evaluated by a pediatric ear, nose and throat specialist (otolaryngologist).

Tim Martin, MD– Tim Martin, MD, pediatric otolaryngologist, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

The Ear, Nose and Throat Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provides specialized medical and surgical care to children, infancy through adolescence, who have problems with their ears, noses or throats. Our program has more than a dozen board certified specialists who provide comprehensive ENT care at multiple locations.

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