My experience as a nurse and the parent of a sick child — 3 Comments

  1. Katie-seeing what you went through with Elliot was something no parent ever wants to experience. But any patient having you as their nurse and support during times of need are so lucky to have a talented, well educated, caring and passionate person like you to care for them. I hope you always have your heart in your work because so many patients are truly blessed to have a nurse as gifted as you to be there when needed.

  2. Katie – It is a blessing that your beautiful Elliot had such a great outcome. As an O.R. nurse at Children’s for 18 years (now retired), I have such a special place in my heart for all of the staff there. I know your family and Elliot were in great hands. As you, being a nurse there yourself, know that we always treat every patient as though they were our own child. But being “on the other side” must give you such an added dimension to your practice. I am grateful that you shared your experience with us and, most especially, with those families having the same experience. Only someone who has been through it can truly understand the depth and breadth of their fear and pain, and by sharing yours, can ease theirs. You have been given a great gift, and it sounds like you are using it well. Thank you.

  3. Welcome to the other side, Katie. Yes, this is a terrifying journey and for some of us, it never goes away. Only symptoms, meds, and office visits change. You are blessed to have been on our side of the bed because it forces you to become a better nurse. I praise God that your son is healthy and living a vibrant life. May God continue to bless you as a nurse and as a mother.