Is your child’s sore throat really strep throat? — 4 Comments

  1. This article simplifies something actually quite dangerous. If left untreated strep throat can turn into Rheumatic Fever. This isn’t just serious, it can be deadly. My father suffered 3 bouts of it, all caused by a strep infection in his throat. It damaged his heart and after the third bout of Rheumatic Fever, (the one that nearly killed him) he was told that if he got it again, it would kill him. I have a congenital heart defect and when my son got strep throat at school, he was sent to my parents place and Dad stayed with me until he was no longer contagious. Good article, but not thorough enough.

  2. Rheumatic fever is an extremely rare complication of untreated step throat. It is very preventable when strep throat is diagnosed and properly treated with antibiotics. Again, if you or your child has a sore throat see your doctor. – Dr. Flanary

  3. I used to suffer from strep throat for nearly 5 years. Every 2 – 3 months it used to reoccur and after culture the doctors used to prescribe specific antibiotics. The side effects of the antibiotics were worse but at least the pain used to go. Finally, I went to a homeopathic doctor who explained that the reason I got the streptococcus infection so frequently was because my body immunity levels were low. After, a one month treatment course I am happy that I have had few recurrences. He has given me strict instructions to avoid taking antibiotics for this condition in future.