Now accepting 2014 Nurse of the Year nominations — 7 Comments

  1. I would like to nominate Katie Hyland, for nurse of the year! I don’t even know where to begin, she is AWESOME! She took care of our son ,Dylan, after he had a spinal fusion, on West 5. She was always there to answer questions after rounds, made him feel like he was her only patient, and ALWAYS did what was best for Dylan. Dylan passed away in Oct of 2012, at the age of 13. We had another son, Luke, in May of 2013, and he has some issues also. He was recently in the hospital for RSV, and we got Katie again for a nurse! She is so in tune with what families need, and does her best to accomplish that.,

  2. Margaret M from W3!! Margaret took care out our daughter from the day she was born, Margaret always made sure we understood everything that was going on with our daughter, and truly cared for as if she was one of her own! There simply arnt words to express truly how amazing Margret really is! Our daughter passed away at 54 days old and to this day we still keep in touch with Margaret! We love you so much! Xoxoxo!

  3. I would like to nominate Margaret M from W3. She took care of our grandaughter from the day she was born. Margaret truly cared about our little princess as if she was her own. Margaret went above and beyond. She not only took care of our little one, she took care of mom, dad, and big sister, grandma and grandpa as well, by making sure everyone knew what was happening. We can not thank Margaret M enough. She will always be a part of our family. We love you Margaret.

  4. Please remember that you need to submit your nomination directly to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Click here to submit your nomination via their website. Or, you can submit your nomination by mail to:

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Nurse of the Year Contest
    Attn: JSMarketplace Dept.
    P.O. Box 603
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-0603

    Or, you can send the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a fax to Nurse of the Year Contest at 414-224-2599.

    According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, your nomination letter should describes how your nurse: exceeds patient expectations, is compassionate and caring, is dedicated to upholding standards of professionalism, and makes a difference on a personal level for you and your family.

    – Nancy Korom, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, vice president and chief nursing officer, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

  5. All of the nursing staff have been amazing on 5W during our stay. It’s been great having each individual nurse but there’s a few we had multiple times in our stay, and we had a chance to get to know them a little more, and they make Children’s Hospital the place it is, along with all the amazing doctors. Angie Havaich is a wealth of knowledge and has always been able to answer all of our many questions. Melissa Anderson is also a wealth of knowledge and was able to make us feel much more comfortable with our situation, and is fun to be around. Elizabeth Roedl is awesome and is such a caring person, and is full of patience. I could continue to go on and on about these three women as they are so special to us in so many ways. Children’s Hospital is a better place because of each one, and they are well deserving of this award.

  6. I am not one for writing letters, spelling, or grammar so I hope this is expressed in the right way.

    I have known Michele Christensen for many years, I believe she would be a great candidate for the nurse of the year. She was a traveling nurse in Florida for many years, she moved home back to Wisconsin for family reasons going through a long distance heart breaking divorce, with two young children. In moving home having to start her career over at the bottom. With a passion for nursing/healthcare and in need work to raise her two daughters on her own, she took a part time ER position at Childern’s Hospital of Wisconsin. With health care cost being so high I personally have turned to Michele for medical help. It could for a minor issue that she can recommend treatment or her opinion to seek further treatment from a Doctor. She has never turned me in the wrong direction. Michele doesn’t have a non caring bone in her body the concern she brings home from work is amazing to the same concern for her friends and family. If someone is in need she will never hesitate to stop everything and help. Proving herself over and over between running her kids to their needed school/sports activities, watching her nephew on her days off to help her brother and his wife; to time and time again taking the shifts no one wants, or working night shift for years, she has made it happen. Our group of friends lost a friend in a unexpected motorcycle accident this past year, I think she was the strongest person everyone turned to her for support in the ICU watching our friend pass on. Then her continuing support in the weeks following that event. After all she has put in since moving back Michele now has a full time position and been moved to a day shift. This has given her more time to help people if her free time, raise her two beautiful daughters, and still help with her nephew she enjoys so much.

    In conclusion I hope you consider Michele for your nurse of the year, I feel she has gone over and beyond the call of duty both in nursing and in her personal life. She has never asked for anything in return, I think this would be a great way to show her how much her friends, family, and co workers appreciate her contributions to our life’s. Thank you for the opportunity and look forward to hearing from you either way.