Vincent gets a new heartMy name is Vincent, and I am 14 years old. One week before my seventh birthday, I had a heart transplant at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. People made a big deal about it, because I was the first kid in the upper Midwest to receive a Berlin heart.

A Berlin heart is a fake heart that you wear on the outside of your body. It keeps you alive while you wait for a transplant. I was out of the hospital in just 10 days! Now, I get to celebrate two birthdays, one for my heart birthday and one for my actual birthday — and yes, I get presents for both!

You may have seen me on TV

If you watch TV, you may have seen me in a Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin TV ad asking people to donate and help kids like me. I had a great time shooting the commercial, which involved playing a lot of basketball. My friend Jimmy and I wanted to scrimmage the guys on the film crew, but they decided they did not want to get

Check me out in the following video:

Why your support is so important

Anytime I can help Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, I’m all in!
 The hospital staff are like my second family and they treat me like a rock star when I go to the Herma Heart Center every three months for a check-up. My medical care is a lot simpler these days. I have to give blood for each visit but it doesn’t hurt me, and for the other tests, I just have to lay still and that is easy. The best part is that we always get to stop for lunch on our way home.

Without Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, I would not be able to play all the sports I like. My favorite sport is basketball and I am hoping to be able to slam-dunk the ball within two years.

It’s amazing to think how far I have come since my heart transplant, and I am so happy to be part of the hospital’s amazing story. 
Your donation to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, big or small, helps kids like me have a good life. Thank you!

– Vincent Forseth, guest blogger

Your donation to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin can help provide the gift of health to the thousands of children we serve every year. Please give generously this holiday season. Because kids deserve the best.


Growing up with a new heart, a new life — 2 Comments

  1. This young man was in the room next to a newborn girl(my Goddaughter.)We saw Vincent, this precious little red haired boy, come in, get the Berlin heart, leave and come back when his transplant was ready. He was INCREDIBLE! The facility was no where as nice as it is now, but the nurses and docs and therapists are still as amazing as they were back then. Go, Vincent!

  2. Sue, We remember the newborn next door! She was so small and was so sick. We prayed for her constantly and hoped all went well. Thank you for responding and we wish you a blessed holiday season.