Working together for kids and families — 2 Comments

  1. I want to thank you, Peggy and the hospital staff and Police Officers on how you all handled the situation. My husband and I were in my daughters room on the 8th with her nurse who was about to take out my daughters last IV and we were going to go get her pictures taken when the announcement came on saying there was an active shooter. I thought at first it was hospital code for something else, but then my daughter’s nurse, who you could tell was worried, calmly told us that she was sorry and that she will take the IV out in a few minutes. She told us to stay in the room and keep the curtain closed and if we heard anything to go into the bathroom. She came to check on us as the time went by and was able to take my daughters IV out. She was very professional about the whole thing!

    You have such a wonderful staff there! Having your child go through Open Heart Surgery is very scary, but the staff was so kind and so helpful which made the whole experience a lot easier! Thank you and your staff for being so awesome!!! <3

  2. Helen, thank you for sharing your story. The nurse that helped your family — like all the staff in our hospital — really impressed me yesterday during such a frightening event. We wish you and your family all the best. Take care. – Peggy Troy