Delicious fall foods: Tips for making hearty soups and stewsOne of my favorite things about fall is the variety of delicious fall foods that are in season. And for some reason, most of those foods are perfect in soups or stews!

Most people hear the word soup and think “that won’t fill me up,” or “and what else will I eat with that?” Truth is, soups or stews can be an entire meal; it can fill you up and be good for you. It all depends on what you toss into the pot!

A few quick tips to consider when you’re making soups and stews:

  • Start with a broth base. Whether it’s tomato or chicken/vegetable stock, your broth-based soups are automatically going to be healthier than a cream-based soup or stew.
  • Next come the veggies — take your pick! Vegetarian? Beans can be dual-purpose: your tummy-filling protein source and a great source of vitamins and minerals. Even if you’re not vegetarian, vegetables should be the biggest component of your stew. The more colorful the vegetables, the better. There are so many fall vegetables that are a great fit: zucchini, any type of fall squash, any type of bean, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, corn — you name it!
  • Lastly, put your own special touch to it. That can be some shredded low-fat cheese on top, a dollop of low-fat sour cream, a special blend of chili seasonings — whatever you like to make it your own special recipe.

Sweet potato & black bean chili recipe

Getting hungry? Try out this great fall recipe for sweet potato & black bean chili. Enjoy!

Amber Carbajal, MBA, RD, CD– Amber Carbajal, MBA, RD, CD, clinical nutrition manager, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Clinical dietitians at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin are specially trained to provide the best nutritional care for children.

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