Try these alternatives to candy for trick-or-treaters on Halloween — 4 Comments

  1. great and cute post! a couple good alternatives that are also allergy friendly for those with kiddos that have food allergies!!

  2. I would have never thought of this! A treasure chest would probably be more appealing to children. I will try that idea this Halloween.

  3. Children get too many snacks this time of year, some inappropriate due to allergies or braces. Taking this in mind, I have always offered non candy for treats and the children look forward to visiting always wondering what will be here. (Books; dominoes; side walk chalk; bingo; various types of note pads; jewelry; glo items; cards; unique things such as rings that look like nails going through the finger or glow eyeball tops; tennis/ping pong/bouncy balls; party favors; a variety of small items that I collect from sales, close outs, thrift shops, etc. all year.) I also separate these treats by ages or height (asking ages, too). Last year the children choose their treat by lantern light from a coffin. This year I used a ladder and placed boards across to make shelves. The shelves held containers of their age/height treat choices. Children LOVE choosing! For those on their last year of trick or treating, we have an age limit of 13 here, they get a better quality treat. I enjoy the expressions of delight. Our house is always a conversation topic at the bus stops. Is it any wonder?