Spider-Man visits Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Robert waved to Spider-Man from his hospital window.

Last week, patients and families in our hospital were surprised when Spider-Man, Batman and Superman dropped by for a visit. And when I say, “dropped by,” I mean exactly that. Three window washers put on costumes and scaled their way down our hospital walls to surprise unsuspecting kids who were in their rooms.

It was truly a sight to see! We had patients on all floors running to their windows to catch a glimpse. Groups of people were gathering down on the street, snapping photos with their phones.

A welcome distraction for our patients

Batman and Superman visit Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Batman and Superman brought smiles to kids’ faces.

A child encounters many new experiences while in the hospital, and we know some of these experiences can be stressful and scary. That’s why Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is committed to creating a supportive and fun environment that allows children of all ages to better enjoy their hospital stays.

We’re grateful for support of our grime fighting friends. But I’ll let you in on a little secret — the kids are the real superheroes!

– Maggie Butterfield, director, patient amenities and family services, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin


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  1. Thanks Mike and the Al’s Window Cleaning team for doing this event for Children’s!