Beware of disturbing trend: Candy laced with prescription or illicit drugs — 10 Comments

  1. this shows how easy it is to hide drug use these days. as in the study of the flavored cigars and use with teens. they use these cigars to roll the marijuana in them. “Blunts” they call them. they unroll them, empty out the tobacco in them then roll it with the marijuana in it.

  2. It is irresponsible for this website to use the image of a marijuana leaf in conjunction with this story. The headline talks about candy laced with prescription or illicit drugs, but then focuses not on the hard drugs being melted into candy, but instead on kids accidentally ingesting marijuana. Marijuana does not cause “dangerous levels of sedation” even in children; it is not possible. You may freak the kid out, and with sustained use, damage his or her development, but you can’t give ANYONE enough marijuana to make them overdose, including children. The slander against marijuana needs to stop. These scare tactics are the worst kind of yellow journalism.

  3. Thanks for your feedback. This blog post talks about two subjects: candy laced with illicit or prescription drugs and unintentional marijuana ingestion by children. The headline refers to one of those subjects, and the subhead and image refer to the other. It was not intended to be misleading. As for marijuana and young children, it is the Wisconsin Poison Center’s opinion that accidental ingestion will cause a number of different symptoms in young children rather than in the rest of the population. Thanks!

  4. I agree any food products containing anything should be labeled properly. The problem is not all kids will read or care that it is THC and eat too much. The only symptom from Marijuana when I was given it in oral and smoke form as a child when battling bone cancer, was an appetite and a relaxed feeling. This was delivered by Riley’s Children Hospital in Indianapolis. They let us (My parents and myself) know there is no real harm from THC or marijuana and that it has many benefits despite it’s bad reputation and not to fear it in any way. Also to find it locally since we did not live near the hospital. I was given numerous pain killers, nausea medicine, steroids to try and thwart the symptoms but all had little affect. Marijuana helped each and every time, and I was never addicted to it – I am now 27, when I was 11 years old I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the right distal femur. Thanks for reading.

  5. i am glad to hear that people are finally standing up against people that bash the bennifits of marijuana. i just never understood… that if you dont do it… and it doesnt pertain to you… why you stick ur nose where it doesnt belong…we were all tought if u didnt have anything nice to say dont say anything at all… and i think this is the turning point in our country by making it legal for recreational use. not only will it help patients but it will create a unbeleiveable amount of money to bring out country out of debt.. all states should follow suit. now to work on this rediculous obama care… really give you a fine for not having insurance.. its our right to choose what we want.. not for u to make us!

  6. It is very easy to quote the opinion of “accidental ingestion will cause a number of different symptoms in young children rather than in the rest of the population” from the Wisc. poison center, and the only example being given is “dangerous levels of sedation.” What is considered a “dangerous level of sedation” w/o being physically or mentally harmed by it? Importation of marijuana from states where it is legal? Sources please? I GUARANTEE Wisconsin residents have had NO TROUBLE obtaining marijuana even before it was legal in other states. A big reason why marijuana is considered a gateway drug is because misinformed adults tell children how dangerous it is, and when they find out it is not, they question if the rest are as harmless as marijuana. A responsible parent would teach their children that marijuana has many medical benefits (ask the Wisc. poison center about those) and it is an adult responsibility just like alcohol, and should be consumed responsibly. Speaking of alcohol, it can also be mixed into food, as well as punch, jello, and many other edibles that children enjoy. And unlike marijuana, alcohol does have many dangerous side effects, and unlike marijuana, an overdose can prove fatal. Irresponsible article. Oh and btw, seems there is more and more MAINSTREAM NEWS articles about the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana every day. Explain that to your children when that comes on the evening news.

  7. Oh and thank you Mr. Obvious, LL Carter, about these so-called “blunts.” Yeah because “teens” (I’m assuming under the age of 18) smoking cigars full of tobacco is any better than cigars filled w/ marijuana. Personally, I would be more upset if my child was smoking tobacco. How about smoking cigars at all is bad mmmkay?

  8. Fact: ZERO people in the history of the world have died due to canabis overdose. This is the one drug that if left unattended in a room full of toddlers would pose no risk of death.

  9. Meg Lesnick, external relations specialist, Wisconsin Poison Center..?
    What are dangerous levels of “sedation”? Sleeping throught the mid afternoon cartoons?
    You know why its “hard” to tell if a child has overdosed on marajuana?? Because nothing happens, you cant over dose on canabis! You really work for a State run poison control center? Thats amazing because I just taught you two new things today and you are supposed to be the doctor.

  10. P.S.
    More children will die from Asprin and peanuts this year and every year there after than they will from Marijuana. FACT