HIV has always been considered an incurable disease. However, the New England Journal of Medicine recently published convincing evidence that doctors have successfully put HIV into remission for a baby girl from Mississippi born with the AIDs virus. Now, news reports about this baby are suggesting her HIV may be cured.

Watch the video above to hear my thoughts on whether this baby’s case really holds promise for an HIV cure, or if there may be something special about this particular baby’s genetics that caused her HIV to go into remission.

– Peter Havens, MD, MS; director of the HIV Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin; professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin

When the HIV Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin began in 1992, it was one of the first of its kind in the United States. Today the HIV Program serves more than 900 children statewide.


Baby born with AIDS virus may have genetic trait helping her manage the virus — 2 Comments

  1. This is wonderful news for this is such a horrible disease,no one should have to suffer especially children & babies…I hope & pray that this a breakthrough in finding a cure for this horrible horrible disease.

  2. I am not impressed. Eight years ago my buddy that I worked with in the Army tested positive for the HIV Anti-body, meaning he clearly had built up an immunity to it. None of his partness, including ex-wife or child have it. His repeated attempt to contact professionals that could use his blood to test feel on deaf ears.