4 tips to help your baby sleep well — 3 Comments

  1. As a mother, I know how vital sleep is to a newborn. It’s a tiring period during motherhood but these tips are useful. They’ll come in handy anytime you are lost for what to do to get your infant to sleep.

  2. This is horrible horrible advice. A baby is never meant to sleep separate from his mother. Rip the baby from the womb and immediately put him in a cage? Never. When did we get away from nurture and move to convenience? Baby should be in bed with mama, sleeping in any position comfortable, until baby decides he is ready to be independent. I certainly hope no one takes this article seriously.

  3. People with good sense will take this advice…Sleeping with your child is very very dangerous…I raised four by these guides lines and did not breast them either…They are grown and healthy with children of their own…they follow these rules as well…