Why broken bones in kids and teens need special treatment

Since kids are still growing, special care needs to be taken.

Summer means kids of all ages are out riding bikes and scooters and bouncing on trampolines. But warm weather also brings injuries, and that often means broken bones.

If your child falls or is injured, it’s important to understand that treating broken bones in kids is different. Their bones are more flexible, so when they break, the fracture patterns aren’t the same as you’d see in an adult’s bones.

The right treatment for kids depends on the location and type of break. Some breaks will heal well with limited care, but others will need surgery to heal correctly. Only a pediatric orthopedic specialist has the advanced training and expertise to provide the care and treatment kids need.

Kids are still growing, so special care also needs to be taken so growth plates aren’t damaged. This is especially true for teenagers who are going through growth spurts. Growth plates are the parts of bones that make you grow taller, so an injured growth plate could lead to real problems.

Making kids (and parents) more comfortable

Casts have come a long way since I was a kid. Now, kids can choose from a wide range of colors, plus sparkles and stripes. Teens even can match their casts to their school colors. Sometimes a waterproof cast can be used, and everyone really appreciates that during the summer! Some injuries may just need a splint orspecial brace.

Have a fun and safe summer. But if your child is injured, give us a call. We’ll get you in fast and back out enjoying the summer weather. Make sure you know how to get the best care for your kids.

Roger Lyon, MD– Roger Lyon, MD, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Variety Orthopedic Center, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

The physicians and staff in the Variety Orthopedic Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provide the best care for broken bones. Our goal is to get patients and their families back to the activities they enjoy as soon as possible.

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