Rebuilding hope after the loss of a child — 2 Comments

  1. it was very intresting that is very good and important mental support to the mother who loss thier child and it should be save from such griefs

  2. April 25, 1992 both of my boys (ages15 & 16) were killed in an auto accident. They were our only children. I am unsure as to how I survived with my mind intact. We have been married 32 years, I am so grateful we did not divorce, although staying together and letting each other grieve as individuals was difficult. My husband and I are the only ones who know what it is like to come home to an empty home, or sit at a table with 2 chairs empty. We had no one to help us through our pain. I am so glad your hospital provides this service. November 14th is my oldest son’s birthday, I am crying as I write this. The pain level changes but will always be there, as an unwanted reminder.