Like all moms, I wanted only the best for my girls as they were growing up. Throughout my career as a health care provider, I tested the quality of my work by asking: would this be good enough for my kids? At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we’ve never settled for anything less than the best for kids — and we never will. I consider it an honor to work for the region’s only independent health care system that is dedicated solely to the health and well-being of children.

Those of us who have the privilege to work at Children’s Hospital have heard countless inspiring stories about our care, our patients and the impact we have on families and communities. Now we’ve asked some of the kids who know us best — those who benefit from the excellent care we provide — to tell their stories in our new advertising campaign.

You will see and hear amazing kids talking about the profound impact our doctors, nurses and staff have had on their lives. For example, take a look at the video above featuring one such family. I think you will be inspired by what you see. Post a comment and share what you think!

Peggy Troy, president and CEO, Children’s Hospital and Health System– Peggy Troy, president and CEO, Children’s Hospital and Health System 

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin serves children and their families from more than 40 locations throughout the state. We offer a range of primary carespecialty care and urgent care services in southeast Wisconsin. In addition, we are one of the state’s leading providers of services for children and families — including foster care and adoptionhealth education and child advocacy.

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