What parents need to know about Wisconsin’s concussion law and youth athletics — 4 Comments

  1. Dr Walter,
    I am not sure when/how I heard this but I thought it was recent . I thought Wisconsin had passed a law recently that if an athlete suffers from 3 head injuries in a year they were automatically held from returning to competition. Is this true or did I imagine it?

  2. That is a common misconception/rumor. The Wisconsin concussion law does not specify any numbers, nor does the WIAA. This is because concussion is such a unqiue injury, that management and return to play decisions need to be individualized. However, most providers would likely require a young athlete with three concussions in one year to have a significant period of time away from contact and high risk sports.

  3. Thank you. Could you be more specific, if possible, what the definition of ” significant period of time” is? A year sx free? I know it might be hard to give specifics but lets say this is regarding a freshman or sophomore HS athlete. Would significant amount of time mean no more contact in their HS career?

  4. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you an accurate response to your question. Concussion care is so individualized (every injury is unique) that 6 months, 12 months, and permanent retirement from high-risk & contact sports may all be the answer. Coming to that answer depends on multiple issues, including but not limited to: mechanism of injury, duration of symptoms, and amount of dysfunction. In my opinion, your question is an instance where making decisions with a physician and neuropsychologist with experience in concussion care would be most helpful.