How Project Adam saved my life — 4 Comments

  1. Hi! I’m Morgan’s mom. We are so excited to celebrate the one year anniversary of our daughter’s survival. We will be hosting an event to celebrate her life and thank all of the wonderful people who helped save her life this Wednesday, January 30th. In addition, we will be hosting a fundraiser for Project Adam. To learn more about our event, please visit our facebook page at

  2. Morgan is one of my daughter’s friends in dance class. If it wasn’t for Project Adam, she would never have met this sweet little girl. Every Tuesday Emalee gets excited to see her friend Morgan. I can’t wait to share this story with her when she’s older. She knows how special Morgan is to her but then she’ll know how really special Morgan is as well as a role model for others. Morgan is a great-spirited kid and I thank God everyday that she came into my daughter’s life. Morgan, you are a true angel and a blessing to us all! You keep fighting the fight and know that we are here fighting with you! Love, Ms Michelle and Emalee

  3. I am Morgan’s great aunt and godmother. I am amazed at how her story has touched so many. I am so grateful to her mom, dad & sister, as well as her doctors for bringing her back to us! I am so looking forward to her Celebrate Life event and fundraiser for Project ADAM. Without this Adam’s father’s efforts regarding AED’s Morgan wouldn’t be here.