SantaChildren explore their environment through play. Whether a child is undergoing treatment in a hospital, at home or in school, play is the foundation for learning.

The Child Life team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provides opportunities for self-expression, exploration and normalization. From crayons and paper to electronics and everything in between, kids of all ages love to play.

Here is our team’s list of the Top 10 Best Toys of 2012 (with 3 bonus selections):

  1. Perplexus Maze Game by PlaSmart, Inc. (Epic, Twist)
  2. Lego® sets
  3. CuddleUppets™ and Pillow Pets™ Dream Lites™
  4. Board games and puzzles for all ages
  5. Aquadoodle Classic Mat
  6. Play-Doh® sets (Disney Prettiest Princess Castle, Diggin’ Rigs Power Crane, Candy Cyclone, etc.)
  7. Creative Art sets for all ages (All Duct Out, Foam Stickers, Picture Frames, Loopdedoo Kit, Master Kitz®, etc.)
  8. Monster High (High School Playset, Main Assortment, Create-A-Monster Design Lab, etc.)
  9. Fisher-Price® Servin’ Surprises Kitchen and Table
  10. Toddler-sized push-and-pull toys (grocery carts, strollers, poppers, vacuum  cleaners)
  11. Beyblades® (Destroyer Dome Set)
  12. Remote control machines
  13. Melissa & Doug Suspend

When considering any toy, be sure to look at the recommended age for the toy and always remember that safety comes first. No toy can compete with the greatest gift of all – time with family!

Post a comment and let us know what other toys you think should be on the list.

Dana Fleming– Dana Fleming, Child Life assistant, Sibling Care Program, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

The Child Life team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provides a supportive environment that allows children, adolescents and families to cope during hospital stays.

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