Many families are preparing for school and fall sports. As part of these preparations, you might be arranging physicals for your kids. During the exam, your child’s doctor may tell you he or she has signs of scoliosis.

I’m an orthotist, and for the last 17 years, I’ve worked with patients at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. An orthotist is a person who makes braces for most any part of the body, including back braces for kids with scoliosis. But I don’t do teeth, I leave that to the orthodontists!

Scoliosis usually is diagnosed when a child is between the ages of 10 and 15, and most commonly affects girls. It can affect kids at any age though, so that means I see boys and girls, from age 9 months all the way up to their teenage years.

No two people with scoliosis are the same, and that’s what makes my days the most interesting. I work closely with the doctors here at Children’s Hospital, and my goal is to make the most effective brace I can for each patient.

If your child has scoliosis and needs a brace, you’ll probably be visiting me. I work for Hanger Clinic, which has an office in the lower level of the Clinics Building at Children’s Hospital.

Wearing a brace is never an easy thing to do, but I try to get to know every patient individually to make the process as comfortable as possible. For example, watch this video to learn how I get the form and fit of a scoliosis brace just right for my patients:

I invite you to watch all of my videos to learn more about scoliosis braces, how they work and tips for making it easier to wear them.

~ J. “Kacz” Kaczmarowski, orthotist, Hanger Clinic

The Scoliosis Program at Children’s Hospital provides specialized care for kids with scoliosis, offering the only multidisciplinary program in Milwaukee and Wisconsin just for kids.

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